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We offer workplace loans through payroll deduction throughout

Laredo - Webb County and surrounding areas.

Employers: Discover how you can offer this service to your employees

The Community Loan Center (CLC) of Laredo offers low-interest, low-fee personal loans to employees of enrolled employers as an alternative to high-cost payday and auto title loans. 


The CLC of Laredo was established by NeighborWorks Laredo to combat pay day and auto loans.  Our goal is to provide equitable lending opportunities and assist our community members through credit improvement programs, loans and financial counseling as an alternative to pay day loans.  We want to help promote, develop and improve the economic conditions of people in the Laredo, Texas and surrounding areas. 


No credit check or collateral required.  


CLC of Laredo strongly encourages every community member to reach out to NeighborWorks Laredo for financial or homebuyer education.  Call us today at 956-712-9100.

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